What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on its visitor's computer hard drive.
Cookies send information to a website that can be used to identify the visitor's computer settings and preferences. Cookies are widely used to ensure that websites work more efficiently and to obtain information about visitors’ preferences.
There are two types of cookies. Permanent cookies record information on the visitor’s computer hard drive for a period of time. We use these cookies to inform the visitors of any changes made to the website since their last visit. Session cookies are saved to the visitor's computer temporarily while they use the website.
Why do we use cookies?
Cookies allow us to make the website more efficient and deliver a better web browsing experience to the visitor.
Thanks to cookies, our web servers recognise your devices and can automatically adjust the content of the website to suit your settings and needs. Cookies also provide us with user statistics that allow us to measure and evaluate the performance of the website. We use the information obtained to improve the usability and content of the website.
Session cookies must be enabled for you to use the LHV website. They allow you to make banking transactions smoothly and will be deleted immediately after closing the web browser.
What cookies do we use?
Cookies necessary for the operation of the site help us make the website more usable by activating basic features such as page navigation and accessing the secure parts of it. This website cannot function properly without these cookies. As these cookies are required for the secure provision of services, the visitor does not have the option to opt out.
Cookies necessary for the operation of the site
NameDescriptionExpiry period / valid
__lhv_uk_portal_sessionUsed to create an authentication session. It is not possible to log in without itSession cookie
COOKIES_CONSENTUsed to track which cookies have been accepted.1 year
Statistical cookies help us understand how a particular visitor uses the website. This gives us information on how many people visit the page in a given period of time, how different pages are navigated and clicked on. Statistical cookies provide us with information that help us improve customer experience.
We currently do not use any cookies from third parties (e.g Google Analytics)
See the tables below for more information:
NameDescriptionExpiry period / valid
n/aWe currently do not use any statistical cookies.n/a
How to disable cookies in your browser? 
If you want to disable the use of cookies, change the consents given in your browser. You can read more about this on the website How to Enable and Disable Cookies
Modification or revocation of cookie consent
You can change which cookies you allow us to use at any time. Cookies necessary for the operation of the site cannot be removed.